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 Rules about the teamwork and stuff

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Rules about the teamwork and stuff Empty
PostSubject: Rules about the teamwork and stuff   Rules about the teamwork and stuff EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 1:31 am

Tip #1: Get People to Know You
You won't get any help here if people think you're just another n00b who wants to make another fangame. Sorry, it isn't that simple. If you post around McLeod Gaming and people grow fond of you, they might help. But friendliness alone isn't going to get you a good team, which leads me to tip #2.

Tip#2: Have Skill
Nobody will work for you as you're just sitting on the sidelines watching and calling it "Your game". You have to pitch in as well. If you can sprite, make custom sprites for the game. You'll get more help if you can code, though. And of course, nothing is a better proof of your skill than a game you have that's already been completed. So if you can't sprite or script in some sort of programming language, I'd suggest you learn or you'll receive almost no efforts from anyone worth getting help from.

Tip#3: Learning to Code

Coding isn't really a "must-have" for gaming, but it's HIGHLY recommended. If you want to create a super smash bros game "Which most nerds would want to do", you'd have to create a physics engine, and drag-and-drop functions alone can't handle such. If you want to create a lite game, drag-and-drop is perfect for you. Other than that, suggest start learning the syntax and functions of a coding language you want to create your game with. Ex. GML, Java, C... Tutorials for Game Making Programs such as Flash and Game Maker are all over the internet, so get started.

Tip #4: Getting Your Team Moving
This is the greatest downfall of most games made in Coder's Paradise, that I've noticed. People can get support, they can get a team, but they just can't get the game in progress. Why??

It's because you're unorganized. You don't have any concept of the game down and written in stone. You're stuck fighting over how the sprites look, what's in the game, etc., and months fly by, parts of your team leave, you're still fighting about what goes where, and slowly your game deteriorates into a locked topic.

To keep out of that cycle, don't make a topic until you have the following down:

A confirmed storyline
The main characters
A sprite sheet (or list of the needed sprites) for EVERY action EVERY character in the game will need. This doesn't have to be as specific as every single NPC, enemy, etc., just in general what sprites will need to be made for who.
What features are in the game
What positions are available on your team

Tip #5: Make Sure Your Team is Working
Do NOT accept slacking or procrastination. It will lead to your team becoming bored of the project and it's back to square one. Prevent this from happening by having your team post their progress weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. to make sure they aren't skipping out on their part.

Rules about the teamwork and stuff Raiden___Mortal_Kombat_by_csd_phx
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Rules about the teamwork and stuff
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